Exchange for discount vouchers
You may use your golfdigg points to exchange for discount vouchers, which you may use to further reduce the price of your next booking.
Get special time slots
Golfdigg points may also be used to get special time slots at quality golf courses, as well as many other benefits.
Golfdigg products
Golfdigg points may also be used to exchange for premium products from golfdigg, such as t-shirts, hats, golf balls, umbrellas, golf bags etc.
How to exchange rewards
List of rewards you may exchange for with golfdigg points and how to exchange will be published at a later date.
  • Choose golf course
  • Choose time
  • Payment
  • Go golfing
  • Get rewards
Choose golf course
golfdigg have picked quality golf courses with 3-5 star ratings for you to choose from
Choose time slot and amount of players
that will play golf with you tomorrow
Safe and secure payment with mPay
World-class security credit card payment with verify by visa, master card master code, j-secure
Go golfing with 100% satisfaction
by showing the golf course front desk your booking info in golfdigg
or printed receipt, as well as scan QR Code to receive stamps
Collect enough stamps to unlock rewards
you may receive the reward immediately at that golf course
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